GSM 6 in 1



The package (DO-5) includes a software CD, SIM Card Reader and a rewritable blank SIM

Usage Examples:

Globally innovative GSM phone number copy technology from Taiwan that enables 6 GSM sim card numbers to copy into one card. Any of the preset SIM card numbers can be set as the default when powering on, and can be shifted online (in STK menu) ; while the original card is able to be used with the original information preserved.
Original and copied cards can standby at the same time.

Features :

  • Supports up to 6 numbers to be stored in a single SIM card.
  • Fast number switching, normally takes less than 30 seconds (phone dependence)
  • Dual speed (9600/19200bps) USB SIM reader/writer, allow scanning old SIM card which can't be scanned with high speed.
  • Allow to edit SIM card name for easy identification of which SIM is being used
  • Allow to show either SIM name, operator name or SIM + operator name on the phone. (phone dependence)
  • Super large phone book capacity with 250 contacts and 50 SMS
  • Supports English, Tradition and Simplified Chinese user interface
  • Manage SMS and contacts in PC with "SIM Editor"


Download online help and instruction manuals for:
SIM Scanner

SIM Editor

Note !!!

  • The legislation of some countries forbids creation and/or use of clones GSM Sim- card (read laws !)
    All backUp function support A3A8 COMP128V1 SIM Card only

  • This SIM Card Back-UP device doesn't support newest SIM Card that uses COMP128V2 algorithm to code KI key.

  • Some GSM SIM Cards are Scan-Limited. It has limited running scan times. If the scan is over the limit, the SIM Card will be locked and will not work any more. So don't scan the same SIM excessively if not necessary.

Hints to distinguish between V1 and V2 sim cards:

  • SIM cards issued before JUNE 2002 most likely are COMP128v1 SIM cards

  • Phone book capacity more than 250 entries most likely are COMP128v2 SIM cards

  • The assumptions made above based on my testing results with SIM cards available here in Hong Kong, it might not applicable on all SIM cards in different countries

When two or more SIM cards with same number (original and cloned) are in used:

  • Both phones can dial out but NOT at the same time

  • Only the latest dialed out or powered on phone can receives calls, the other
    phone will not ring.

  • If one phone is officially turned off (e.g. by switch off the power button), the
    other phone can't receives calls even though it's still power on, the other phone
    must make a call in order to make it can receives calls again.


GSM 6 in 1 Set
(Reader + Blank SIM)

Price: $49.9USD


Addition Blank SIM card

Price: $29USD